Are You Searching For an Epic Experience? A Dubai Desert Safari could be exactly that. These tours provide an insight into Middle Eastern culture and traditions while providing fun activities like Sandboarding and Camel Riding, plus a barbeque dinner, beverages and entertainment in the desert! However, it’s essential that a reputable tour company with experienced guides take the necessary measures to ensure both your safety and comfort on this tour.

An effective starting point is reading reviews online or getting recommendations from family and friends. After that, check the available packages to select one that meets your budget and book early as it can get busy quickly. Furthermore, consider that some companies may offer shorter or longer tours depending on the season.

Dubai desert safaris provide activities to please both children and adults. One such activity is dune bashing, which involves racing across sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle for an adrenaline rush and plenty of opportunities to capture some beautiful landscape photos. If you suffer from motion sickness, take some medication beforehand so that you can fully enjoy the ride without becoming queasy or sick during it.

Once you have had enough of dune bashing, why not take a camel ride for an enjoyable and unique view of Dubai’s iconic camels and its landscapes. Also be sure to join other desert activities, like sand boarding and falcon shows featuring trained falcons catching prey midair; an incredible sight.

Although most tourists enjoy the thrill of a desert safari, some prefer a more relaxing experience. A premium desert safari offers this option, giving you time to sit under the stars and take in the sunset without worry or excitement. Plus, get yourself a henna tattoo for added color or sip shisha to experience Middle Eastern tradition of smoking tobacco!

After sunset, your premium dubai desert safari becomes even more thrilling with a buffet dinner and entertainment. Enjoy delectable appetizers, entrees and dessert from an assortment of mouthwatering dishes available – from appetizers to main courses and dessert! Try your hand at belly dancing; its mesmerizing traditional dance of Middle Eastern and North African cultures will mesmerize you! You might also witness a performance of Tanoura dance (unique to Islamic countries). Following this show, enjoy a barbecue dinner featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options; most tour operatorss offer these options so there will be something tasty for everyone at once!