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Dubai, a city of opulence and grandeur, is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and breathtaking experiences. One of the most iconic adventures you can embark on while in Dubai desert safari. However, choosing the right time to indulge in this thrilling experience can significantly impact your journey. In this article, we will guide you through the best times to experience a desert safari in Dubai, ensuring you make the most of your adventure in the Arabian sands.

Understanding Dubai’s Climate

Before delving into the specifics of when to go for a desert safari, it’s crucial to grasp Dubai’s climate. Dubai experiences an arid desert climate, characterized by scorching summers and mild winters. This climate plays a pivotal role in determining the ideal time for a desert safari.

i. Winter Wonderland: November to March

The winter months, spanning from November to March, are undoubtedly the best time to embark on a desert safari in Dubai. During this period, the scorching summer heat wanes, creating a more comfortable environment for outdoor activities.

ii. Mild Temperatures and Pleasant Breezes

In the winter months, daytime temperatures typically range from 20°C to 30°C (68°F to 86°F), making it the perfect weather for a desert adventure. The evenings offer even milder temperatures, allowing you to enjoy the starry desert nights comfortably.

iii. Avoiding the Sweltering Heat

Visiting Dubai’s desert during the winter ensures that you won’t have to contend with the searing heat of the summer sun. This enables you to explore the stunning dunes, engage in thrilling activities, and relish a sumptuous desert feast without discomfort.

Shoulder Seasons: April to October

While the summer months are less favourable for a desert safari, the shoulder seasons, spanning from April to October, offer a different kind of experience for those seeking adventure.

i. Early Morning and Late Evening Safaris

To beat the scorching heat of the summer, many safari operators offer early morning and late evening safaris. These options provide an opportunity to explore the desert’s beauty without enduring the peak temperatures.

ii. Specialized Activities

During the summer months, you can enjoy unique experiences like sandboarding and dune bashing, which are better suited to extreme conditions. It’s a chance to add an extra thrill to your desert adventure.

Monsoon Season: Rare Rainfall

Dubai rarely experiences rainfall, but if you happen to visit during the monsoon season, which occurs between December and February, you might witness a few showers. While this is a rare occurrence, it can add a unique touch to your desert safari experience.


In summary, the best time to experience a desert safari in Dubai is during the winter months, from November to March. This period offers the most comfortable weather for outdoor activities and ensures you make the most of your desert adventure. However, if you find yourself in Dubai during the summer, consider early morning or late evening safaris for a unique experience. No matter when you choose to go, a desert safari in Dubai promises an unforgettable adventure amidst the stunning Arabian sands.


1. Are desert safaris in Dubai suitable for all ages?

   – Yes, most desert safari operators offer experiences that cater to all age groups, ensuring a memorable adventure for everyone.

2. What should I wear during a desert safari in Dubai?

   – It’s advisable to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and closed-toe shoes. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and bring sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

3. Is it safe to go dune bashing during a desert safari?

   – Yes, dune bashing is a popular and safe activity in Dubai. Skilled drivers ensure your safety during the thrilling ride.

4. Can I book a desert safari in advance?

   – Yes, it’s recommended to book your desert safari in advance to secure your spot and choose the best time for your adventure.

5. What type of cuisine can I expect during a desert safari dinner?

   – Desert safari dinners often include a buffet of delicious Arabian cuisine, offering a variety of dishes to satisfy your taste buds.